Medusa Lacrosse Team Player Expectations

For the more committed player, we offer an elite travel team.  The following information is provided to ensure that each elite travel player and his/her family understand the commitment expected for a Medusa Lacrosse Team Player.

Each coach, along with input from players and their families, will make the final determination on the amount and type of training and the number of tournaments/games to be played (minimum expectations are outlined below). If a player continually misses scheduled activities to the detriment of the team, it may result in the player being replaced on the roster by an alternate player.  No deposits will be refunded.   

All financial responsibilities to the team in terms of extra fees for tournaments, clinics, travel, leagues; etc. are expected to be fulfilled by all players’ families regardless of level of participation during each season.  There will be a deadline prior to each season to ensure financial responsibilities are met in a timely manner for the upcoming season.  Medusa teams will have year- round financial responsibilities regardless of participation as part of the commitment to the program.

Our hope is that players and families will work hard with us to avoid potential conflicts.  This can be accomplished through planning and discussions with coaches of other teams/activities you are involved in as well as communication to the team manager/coach prior to the start of each season at which time the schedule is laid out.  Medusa Lacrosse believes in flexible options during each season to accommodate the varied needs of its players.  However, the more you participate, the better you become and the better your team becomes.

 Please read the description of the commitment for a Medusa Team Player below in order to better understand the required commitment. If you feel you are unable to make the required commitment of a Medusa Team Player please consider our clinics and camps as an alternative option.

 Minimum Requirements of Medusa Lacrosse Team Players

 · Fall Season:
5 outdoor team training sessions and will be entered into at least two tournaments.

· Winter Season:
5 indoor team training sessions and will be entered into a winter league.  Practices held at Storm Academy/NX Generation. Games will be played at Ally Pond Sports Center or GO Tennis in Queens Village.

 · Spring & Summer Season:
20 outdoor team training sessions and at least 4 tournaments on Long Island.  Teams do not begin to travel off of Long Island until summer entering 9th grade.

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